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News Release – Do I Have To Give Up My Favorite Comfort Foods

News Release #2- FPM Aug 2019 with deadline date

NewsRelease Aug 2019 FPM course

News Release- WHPD Project Fair 2019 Results

News Release- 2019 Wild Horse Prairie Days Project Fair

News Release- 2019 TCFF

News Release #2- FPM May 2019 with deadline date

2019 TCFF Letter on letterhead

News Release – Living with Asthma

News Release – A Matter of Balance Spring Classes 2019

News Release – FPM March 2019

News Release – Stand Up for Your Health

News Release – Spinach Dinner Tonight Path to the Plate

NewsRelease March 2019 FPM course

News Release AmericanHeartMonth_February2019

News Release- Super Bowl Article 2019 Fans Dont Let Fans Drive Drunk

News Release – Too Much Sitting Can Result in Health Risks

News Release- PTTP-January 2019_Pecans

News Release – From Field to Plate-Wild Game

News Release- 2018 Enjoying the Holidays the Healthy and Happy Way

News Release – Five Ways to Improve Posture at the Office

News Release -Cold and Flu Season Tips

News Release – Altering Food Recipes for the Holidays

News Release – 24th Diabetes Texas Style Workshop

News Release- 2018 TEAFCS and NEAFCS Radio Communications Award Darlene Hopkins


News Release – WTFR Creative Arts Entries 2018

News Release- FPM CFM Aug 2018

News Release- Braving the Heat While Exercising in the Summer

News Release-WHPDProjectFair2018 Results (2)

News Release-Car Seat Check-Up

News Release -Path to the Plate

News Release – FPM2 March 2018

News release- AMatterofBalanceSpring 2018


News Release – 2018 Womens Fair

News Release Don’t Fumble Tackle Drunk Driving Before the Clock Starts

News release -Athletic-shoes

Cranberry Crunch Salad

Traveling With Children for the Holidays 2017


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